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Chimney Cleaning - Toney, AL

Chimney Cleaning in Huntsville, AL

Don't leave your family in the dust (or in the soot). Call Quality Chimney & Duct in Toney, Alabama to keep your home safe from hazardous chimney remnants. We offer inspections, cleaning, repair, and installation for your chimney and fire place. Our service focuses on keeping the air clean and the fire crackling when you need it. The fact of the matter is, chimneys need regular cleaning, but it also needs to be done right. Our certified chimney professionals come in and make your chimney and fireplace absolutely spotless. It's like you never used it!

Dryer Duct Cleaning in Huntsville, AL

If your dryer is underperforming, it's probably because the vents are in need of some TLC. Our dryer vents catch a lot of things, but hardly ever get the cleaning they need. Let our professionals at Quality Chimney & Duct help you with that! We want you to live in a safe environment with clean air, so we make sure we tackle the clogged vents and ducts to provide a better air quality for your home. Your dryer will run like it's brand new!
Consumer Product Safety

Commissioner estimates that 15,000 clothes dryer fires occur annually. These fires account for an average of 10 deaths, 310 injuries and more than 84.4 million dollars in property damage.

Certified Chimney Professional
Additional services include:
  • Chimney, Fireplace & Woodstove Cleaning & Repairs
  • Historical Masonry Restoration & Preservation
  • Custom Made Chimney Caps & Animal Guard Installed
  • Gutters & Dryer Vents Cleaned
  • Inspections
  • Flues Relined
  • Pressure Washington - Driveways, Siding, Etc.
  • Attic Turbines Installed
  • Animal Removal